1.4MW Solibro solar project Plantion

Amsterdam, 18 November 2015

Hanergy and Rooftop Energy will install first 1.4 MWp of solar on the roof of Plantion in Ede, The Netherlands

Rooftop Energy and Hanergy will install 1.4 MWp of solar modules on the roof of Plantion, one of the largest national flower and plants market trade centres, located in Ede, The Netherlands. The project will be constructed in two phases with the first phase the installation of 1.4MWp in the Spring of 2016 and the second phase up to a total capacity of 2.8 MWp. The Plantion project will be one of the largest PV-projects of the Netherlands, including ground mounted, once realised in 2016 and Hanergy Europe’s largest PV-project for the agriculture industry to date.

Plantion-signing picture800pxThe official signing of the contract was today, Hanergy’s project manager Robert Lavies was present on behalf of Hanergy’s European CEO Li Ming at the ceremony. Rooftop Energy and Hanergy Europe are responsible for executing the project and supplying the PV-system. Rooftop Energy will finance, install and maintain the solar modules manufactured by Hanergy’s German subsidiary Solibro.

Peter Bakker, Plantion’s CEO is excited about the project launch: ”Our building was intended to become as sustainable as possible, so we are glad we can install the solar modules now to help us reach our goals”.

Leendert Florusse, Rooftop Energy’s CEO and Albert Lin, Senior Vice President of Hanergy Europe are very pleased with this project: “We are proud to be executing this project together, it’s one of the largest PV projects in Holland so far and therefore a compliment to our cooperation and both our teams. Rooftop Energy is developing further as a solar service provider and Hanergy again shows to be a leading player in the Dutch PV-market with its innovative thin film solar modules”.