European launch for innovative flexible solar modules

18 February 2016

Utrecht – Hanergy Europe and Sunprojects have realised an innovative solar power system with light weight flexible solar modules on top of office location Hojel 2, in the heart of Utrechts business centre.

This project with Hanergy’s flexible modules is a first launch for Europe. On Hojel 2’s metal roof was it, due to weight restrictions, impossible to install a solar system with standard modules.

Hanergy-flexible-Hojel 2-UtrechtCBRE Global Investors, owner of Hojel 2, is one of the global largest and most sustainable real estate investors and is a frontrunner in European real estate with this innovative solar solution. Hans Staal, Technical Project Director CBRE Global Investors: ”We constantly strive for optimization and enhancing our portfolio. In cooperation with Hanergy Europe and Sunprojects we found a unique solution with these lightweight modules to successfully make this office even more energy efficient”.


Hanergy is manufacturer of thin film modules and China’s largest privately funded sustainable energy producer. Thin film modules enable application on bended roofs, in building integrated (BIPV) solutions and on roofs with weight or with wind exposure restrictions like industrial halls. The flexible modules for the project are produced by MiaSolé, a Silicon Valley based Hanergy subsidiary. The modules weigh only 4-6 kg’s per square meter whereas regular modules weigh in between 16 to 20 kg’s per square meter. Therefore it has become possible to produce solar energy on roofs that were not suited before.

hanergy flexible Hojel2 2Robert Lavies, project manager Hanergy Europe: “We consider this project to be a large step as part of a wider European trend in which real estate investors look for innovative solutions to further enhance sustainability in existing real estate property in a market where energy efficiency for top segment is becoming key. Because of the high module efficiency and current competitive pricing we are being approached by several real estate investors for these kind of lightweight and BIPV applications”.

Hans Lambrechts, CEO Sunprojects, is very pleased with this solar project and CBRE Global Investors' confidence in the execution of this complex installation: “We are familiar with Hanergy’s solar modules and are experienced with complex solar installations in Belgium and the Netherlands. For this project we’ve used a special underconstruction and mounting method to make sure these module stay put at this height, for a period of 20 to 25 years, fully weatherproof”.

Background project and parties involved:
CBRE Global Investors: Netherlands office complex Hojel 2: CBRE Global Investors is one of the largest global real estate funds with approx. EUR 80 billion under managment. The office complex in the centre of Utrecht is part of Dutch Office Fund from CBRE Global Investors Netherlands.

Hanergy Europe: Hanergy is manufacturer of thin film modules and China’s largest privately funded sustainable energy producer with an installed capacity of more than 10 Gigawatt. Founded in 1994, starting in hydropower and later wind, Hanergy has become one of the global leading sustainable energy producers. With her subsidiary brands Solibro (Germany), MiaSolé (USA) and Global Solar (USA) Hanergy offers a unique portfolio of high end thin film PV solution, varying from glass-glass to flexible to transparent. -

Sunprojects: Sunprojects (2005) is one of the largest installers of solar projects in Belgium and the Netherlands with a total installed capacity of over 100MWp.