Hanergy achieves largest Miasolé installation in Italy

Hanergy achieves largest Miasolé installation in Italy.
Rome, 18 January 2016, TES Energia, Italian installer seasoned in PV installations on commercial and industrial buildings, cooperates with Hanergy Thin Film Power (Italy) using 320kW Hanergy's thin film solar modules to install 3 existing fire station’s rooftops, located in the Southern Italy. The solar modules are manufactured by Hanergy's US subsidiaries MiaSolé, with 120W and 140W power classes.

Hanergy_MiaSolé_ItalyThe first project, which covers 2 roofs of a fire station located in Naples for a total installed capacity of 215kW, has already been connected in December 2015.

This is the largest solar project installed with MiaSolé thin film technology in Italy.
The installation of the residual 2 projects is scheduled to be completed at the end of January 2016: located in Lamezia Terme and Catanzaro. The installed capacity, respectively, will be 55kW and 50kW.