Hanergy signs flexible module agreement with Virte Metalli

Hanergy signed  flexible module supply agreement with Finnish metal roof manufacturer

2015/12/09 Rome


In November 2015 Hanergy Europe signed a one-year supply agreement of MiaSolé flexible modules with the famous Finnish metal roof manufacturer Virte Metal Coporation’s subcompany – Virte Solar. 


Virte Solar is part of Virte Metal Corporation, operating since 1960 in manufacture and sales of metal roofing. In the sunniest part of Finland, the southwestern coastal area, and it is the leading company in the sector. Through cooperation with Hanergy, the corporation aims to expand operations to the whole of Finland and the Nordic countries.


July 2015, Virte Metal purchased Hanergy Global Solar flexible modules through Hanergy Europe team, and installed the modules on the rooftop of their show room. In view of the good performance of the installed project, Virte Metal further developed the cooperation with Hanergy to expand the Nordic market.

Jaakko Virtanen, CEO Virte Solar said: “Virte Solar will immediately begin shipping advanced building-integrated solar roofing systems in all of Scandinavia region (including Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark), and will provide services for such areas as industrial, residential, and agricultural construction, as well as for renovation projects. The building-integrated photovoltaic metal roofing is a technologically advanced, lightweight, and esthetic solution virtually immune to wind and snow loads. Virte Solar roofing can be installed in many locations where traditional silicon panel technology cannot be employed.”

The signing of such supply agreement is a good customer feedback, proves the high quality and practicality of Hanergy products. It is also another good demonstration of Hanergy’s European flexible photovoltaic roof market development.