Hanergy offers Thin Film Home System solar solutions, because we strongly believe that Thin Film will define the future of solar energy.


Producing energy with solar panels is a beautiful thing. Therefore we designed our Solibro thin film solar modules to make them the best looking in the world, instead of just manufacturing them. With high efficiency - one of the most efficient thin film modules in the world - even under difficult climate conditions, tested over and over again. Solibro is a high end solar solution for residential use where aesthetics and elegance are required. The modules come both framed and frameless.

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The Miasole GG series glass panel provides c-Si level efficiencies with the benefits of thin film. With efficiency of greater than 15%, the panel exceeds silicon performance with low temperature coefficient. In addition, the panel is designed with low system cost in mind. Each feature enables low BOS cost as well as reduced maintenance expense. These advantages have convinced customers throughout the world to install Miasole panels in ground mount, commercial scale, and residential applications.

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Almere, Netherlands
Module: Solibro SL2
Power: 7,5 kWp
Installation: June 2015

Bain de Bretagne, France
Module: Solibro SL1
Power: 3 kWp
Installation: May 2011

Streatley, UK
Module: Solibro SL2-F
Power: 3.84 kWp
Installation: January 2014