HanTile project in Portugal

Hanergy Accomplishes its first HanTile project in Portugal

Beijing, June 25, 2019

The leading clean energy company, Hanergy Thin Film Power Group, today announced that it has successfully finished its first HanTile project in Viseu, Portugal. Aligned with its global sustainability project “building for the future”, the clean energy giant partnered with Menos Energia SL, a renowned Spanish energy services company to install 360 units of the company’s innovative BIPV product-double glass HanTile covering 125 m2 rooftop area of the wood structured private villa designed and manufactured by NorgesHus for the customer.

Further on the science of the project, Hanergy has applied a total of 11.5kWp of HanTile, which can generate 15000kwh electricity every year. Installed with HanTile’s PV system, the project is expected to produce energy directly for self-consumption and to supply affordable energy for the house’s heating and cooling system using heat pumps and geothermal system.

NorgesHus is an Estonian prefabricated wood house manufacturer. The customer, Mr. João Morais, decided to buy the prefabricated wood house from NorgesHus, and has since then become a sales representative of NorgesHus in Portugal.

Mr. Ming Li, CEO of Hanergy Thin Film Power Europe says, “We are delighted over the successful completion of our first HanTile project in Portugal, and we look forward to working on more significant projects with NorgesHus. With this project taking shape, we’ve had a chance to experience double victory. Firstly, we’ve strengthened our foothold in European market, secondly, and most importantly that we’ve reached an understanding with NorgesHus to propose our HanTile rooftop solution to all its clients in Portugal.”

The curved HanTile makes the brick buildings look more attractive. Making use of Hanergy’s advanced installation technology, the project was finished within 5 days, and has won praises from the customer.

Mr. João Morais, the customer turned Sales Representative of NorgesHus says, “We used Hanergy´s HanTiles as roofing system to create more impact on our potential clientele. With Hanergy’s advanced installation technology we were able to reduce the labor cost substantially and finish the project in just 5 working days. We hope to work with Hanergy on more momentous projects in the future and keep up the impetus to create the buildings that are sustainable and self-reliant.”

First launched in 2017, HanTile perfectly combines one of the world’s most efficient solar chips and the aesthetics, while bringing a greener life to the traditional buildings. HanTile can convert sunlight into electricity and replace traditional tiles as a part of energy saving building materials. According to laboratory research, installation of every 100 square meter HanTile on a house can help reduce emissions of 322 tons of carbon dioxide, 1045 kilograms of sulfur dioxide, and 910 kilograms of nitrogen oxides within 30 years, which is equivalent to the environmental benefits of planting 340 trees. Additionally, HanTile’s lifespan is 2 to 3 times of the traditional roofing materials’ lifespan of 20 years, making it both economically and socially beneficial, as it reduces the amount of waste in overall.

Earlier in March 2019, the company had completed its first HanTile project in the Netherlands, Europe, which used 12.5kw of HanTile for 2 houses, and can generate 9800kwh electricity every year.

Since 2009, Hanergy is painstakingly working to integrate worldwide solar technology, and making robust investment for the research and innovation in field of thin-film solar power. The company’s solar cells set the world record for conversion efficiency several times, with the newest one being 29.1% for its single-junction GaAs cells.. It launched and upgraded handful of consumer products at CES Asia 2019, including Humbrella, the solar-powered parasol; HanPack, the solar backpack; HanPower, a portable
solar power-bank product, retaining its leading position in mobile energy sector.