Viseu, Portugal, June 2019

Hanergy Accomplishes its first HanTile project in Portugal

Beijing, June 25, 2019 – The leading clean energy company, Hanergy Thin Film Power Group, today announced that it has successfully finished its first HanTile project in Viseu, Portugal.

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Groningen Netherlands, March 13

Official opening solar park Roodehaan Groningen, The Netherlands

Mr. Philip Broeksma, Alderman of renewable energy at Groningen municipality, has officially opened solar park Roodehaan located in the city of Groningen, the Netherlands. he opening event took place in the presence of government officials of the Chinese Embassy and the senior management of Hanergy Thin Film Power Europe, subsidiary of Hanergy Thin Film Power Group, and Solibro.

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Groningen, The Netherlands, March 2019
First HanTile project Netherlands
The world’s largest thin-film power solution company, Hanergy Thin Film Power Group, has successfully finished its first HanTile project in Groningen province, the Netherlands.

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Den Bosch, The Netherlands, 16 September 2018


In Den Bosch, the Netherlands, the largest MiaSolé CIGS flexible solar module project in Europe has been finalized. On the Maaspoort, a large sports complex, 418 flexible light weight solar modules have been installed, realizing approx. 125MHh of green energy per year. This project for the Den Bosch municipality was the final step in making the Maaspoort 100% energy neutral.

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Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands, 20 July 2018
Hanergy's Miasolé's flex cells in crash barrier

Our flex cells have been installed on a crash barrier next to the provincial road N194 near Heerhugowaard. It is being investigated whether energy can be generated in a safe and sustainable manner for road lighting and matrix boards, or for supply to the electricity grid. The trial lasts a year.

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Sweden, 19 July 2018
First EU installation of Hantiles in Sweden

The first Hantile installation in Sweden was finalised in June 2018. Our Dutch team partnered up with a Swedish solar project developer to get these installed on 5 villas, in total 35kW. The Hantile is highly wind resistant and able to generate power at temperatures ranging from -40 to -85 degrees Celsius, and humidity higher than 85%.

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Oslo, Norway, 19 July 2018
10 PV buses in Norway with Miasolé flex modules

The first 10 buses which use Miasolé’s flexible thin-film model are currently operating in Oslo and Hønefoss. While, Nettbuss is already aiming to further replicate this solution in at least 3300 more buses, the company has already expressed its intention to gradually promote this breakthrough solution from Hanergy to the whole of Northern Europe.

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Dubai, 8 June 2018
Street light poles made by Metro Smart 

If you are driving in Dubai, try to observe the streetlights…you might notice that some of these lights are operated by solar power. See if you could spot the ones with our Miasolé cells.

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Beijing, China, 14 April 2018
Hanergy Dutch joining Trade Mission to China

Mr. Li Ming has joined the Dutch Prime Minister to a trip to China, during the meantime Mr. Li Ming on behalf of Hanergy Amsterdam to receive the recognition by NFIA (Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency) for investment in the Netherlands.

Beijing, China, 23 August 2017
Hanergy and Audi Sign MOU on Strategic Cooperation in Thin Film Solar Cell Technology

Hanergy Thin Film Power Group Limited (HKSE Stock Code: 566) today announced that its wholly-owned US subsidiary Alta Devices has signed with AUDI AG a Memorandum of Understanding on Strategic Cooperation in Thin Film Solar Cell Technology. Two parties will jointly undertake the “Audi/Hanergy Thin Film Solar Cell Research and Development project.”

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Ede, Netherlands, 27 June 2017
Official Opening of 2.3MWp Plantion Solar Project in Ede, Netherlands

On Wednesday June 21st, one of the largest rooftop solar projects of the Netherlands was officially connected to the grid. Plantion’s solar plant has an installed capacity of 2.3MWp and consists of 18.500 Solibro thin film solar modules supplied by Hanergy Europe.

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Bergen, Netherlands, 1 June 2017
Bergen Project 1.2 MWp

Together with Sunprojects, Hanergy has realised a 1.2 MW groundmounted project for Bergen Energie, a local civic solar energy cooperation. For this project Hanergy’s Solibro thin film modules were used.

Shanghai, China, 20 April 2017
Hanergy and Solliance team up to develop new solutions for SolaRoad – the road to the Future

Solar cell manufacturer Hanergy Thin Film Power and Thin Film Solar Research partnership Solliance today signed a Memorandum of Understanding, highlighting their intention to develop a strategic collaboration in the area of integrated solar solutions for buildings and infrastructure.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands, 9 February 2017
Update 2017: 2.3MW on the roof of Plantion in Ede, The Netherlands

In our previous article of 18 November 2015 we have mentioned that Rooftop Energy and Hanergy have installed 1.4MWp of solar modules on the roof of Plantion. As of today the capacity has increased to 2.3MW.

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Krommenie, Netherlands, 26 October 2016
SolaRoad extended with Global Solar

On 17th of October two new road-elements based on Hanergy’s Global Solar PowerFlex modules have been implemented as extension in the SolaRoad bicycle road.

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Rome, Italy, 13 June 2016
Strategic partnership General Membrane and MiaSolé

MiaSolé, a Hanergy company and General Membrane SpA entered today a strategic partnership agreement, envisaging the supply of MiaSolé flexible thin-film CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium Selenide) solar photovoltaic modules to General Membrane.

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Rome, Italy, 21 March 2016
First Dolphinarium with Hanergy Technology

The Italian branch of Hanergy Europe and Eurolatina Group, announced today the completed construction of a solar PV power plant of 30kW with CIGS thin-film MiaSolé modules. The project has been installed on the rooftop of the new dolphinarium in Puerto Morelos, Cancun (Mexico), inaugurated last 22 January 2016.

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Utrecht, Netherlands, 18 February 2016
Office location Utrecht – European launch for innovative flexible solar modules

Hanergy Europe and Sunprojects have realised an innovative solar power system with light weight flexible solar modules on top of office location Hojel 2, in the heart of Utrecht's business centre.

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Zevenaar, Netherlands, 9 February 2016
First 300 kWp’s solar modules installed on City Hall Zevenaar, Netherlands.

On Zevenaar’s City Hall, the former BAT factory, the first part of 600kWp’s Hanergy’s MiaSolé thin film solar modules has been installed by EPC Sun Projects. The system will reduce approximately 300 tons of CO2 emission per year.

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Rome, Italy, 18 January 2016
Hanergy achieves largest Miasolé installation in Italy

TES Energia, Italian installer seasoned in PV installations on commercial and industrial buildings, cooperates with Hanergy Thin Film Power (Italy)  using 320kW Hanergy's thin film solar modules to install 3 existing fire station’s rooftops, located in the Southern Italy. The solar modules are manufactured by Hanergy's US subsidiaries MiaSolé, with 120W and 140W power classes.

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Rome, Italy, 9 december 2015
Hanergy signed flexible module supply agreement with Finnish metal roof manufacturer 

In November 2015, in efforts of Hanergy Europe Regional Company, Miasolé signed a one-year supply agreement of flexible modules with the famous Finnish metal roof manufacturer Virte Metal Coporation’s subcompany – Virte Solar. 

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Amsterdam, Netherlands, 18 November 2015
Hanergy and Rooftop Energy will install first 1.4 MWp of solar on the roof of Plantion in Ede, The Netherlands

Rooftop Energy and Hanergy will install 1.4 MWp of solar modules on the roof of Plantion, one of the largest national flower and plants market trade centres, located in Ede, The Netherlands. The project will be constructed in two phases with the first phase the installation of 1.4MWp in spring of 2016 and the second phase up to a total capacity of 2.8 MWp.

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Alkmaar, Netherlands, 1 November 2015
Dutch Eredivisie (top league) football club AZ, Hanergy and its partner Sunprojects have announced that 1725 MiaSolé modules will be installed on the roof of AZ’s AFAS stadium.

The project is part of a larger sustainability program – AZ Green Team -  that will involve more projects for Hanergy within the region of the club.

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Andijk, Netherlands, 18 October 2015 
698 solar modules installed at Interpack in Andijk

At Interpack in Andijk, Netherlands partly financed with local resident private investment plan 'Postcoderoos', 698 MiaSolé thin film modules have been installed.

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Lisbon, Portugal, 1 October 2015
Hanergy sells first 3.0 MWp of solar to a ground mounted project in Portugal

Infraventus has acquired 3.0 MWp of solar modules to be installed on a ground mounted project in Alentejo region, Portugal. This is one of the largest ground mounted solar power plants installed with thin film technology in Portugal.

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London, UK, 14 September 2015
Volkswagen Group UK and Hanergy realise a 1.3 MWp solar installation in Dordon, UK

Volkswagen Group (UK) Ltd and Hanergy Thin Film Power Europe have realised a 1.3 MWp solar installation on the roof of VW’s national logistics center in Dordon, Warwickshire. For this project, Hanergy acted as developer and module supplier by using its thin film modules manufactured by its Germany based PV- module manufacturing subsidiary Solibro GmbH.

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Tczew, Poland, 12 July 2015

Flexible thin film modules on Polish Museum

The latest investment in the National Maritime Museum is to build a "Ship Wreckage Conservation Centre with the Studio Magazine in Tczew".

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