For medium and large solar projects Hanergy with its partners provides all services needed, from finance/business modelling to final installation and maintenance. Hanergy has realised projects all over Europe, from agricultural businesses, distribution centres to large ground mounted Thin Film solar power stations.


Hanergy_L'Aquila-Italy250BAPV (Building attached PV) is your best choice if you wish to ensure that your company maximizes its profit and social impacts, as the system can provide to you long-term financial benefits from solar power generation while keeping the existing buildings intact. Hanergy boasts years of R&D and production of light-weight and environment-friendly thin-film solar modules with sound low-light performance, and now we have developed and built up a number of BAPV projects. The existing large factories and structures and even the residential buildings can become BAPV buildings with simple retrofitting. The easy installation of the thin film solar modules will bring to you not only the financial benefits from solar power generation, but also increase the social values by making your buildings or even football stadiums go green.


solel-achaia-GreeceGround Mounted systems
As the largest thin-film solar company in the world, Hanergy invests to and constructs large ground-mounted solar power stations in various areas in Europe, such as our 2 MW Solel Achaias project in Greece. In this way, the land will be turned into high-value ground-mounted solar power stations, providing more green energy. Such projects with sound financial and social implications can definitely be your top investment option.

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Volkswagen, Dordon, UK. 1.3MW

AZ-Stadium_Hanergy_Miasole250x250AZ football stadium, NL, 250KW

Ground Mounted
Solel Imathias, Greece, 2MW

L'Aquila, Italy

ground-mounted solel achaia
Ground Mounted system
Solel Achaia, Greece, 2MW