tesla250Hanergy and Tesla Motors developped parking charging stations in several cities in China.

Hanergy thin-film flexible PV system was Tesla's first choice for the first PV Supercharger station in China.


Elon Musk, Tesla Motors founder, said at the ceremony, "In the future, Tesla will work with partners to build a supercharger network. The first charging station in Beijing was built in cooperation with Hanergy Solar Group. Tesla will continue to invest in the construction of superchargers in China, aiming to quickly expand the network."

Hanergy Solar Group delivered two solar carports, each in Beijing and Jiading, Shanghai. The Beijing carport, a mobile carport designed to be assembled and transported, uses Hanergy's GSE flexible thin-film solar modules. The Shanghai carport has a fixed structure, and uses Hanergy's MiaSole CIGS high-efficiency modules.